This is the Manual of Style for this wiki. Feel free to discuss this on the talk page.

For CharactersEdit

This is only for O.Cs. Characters already in the game will not have articles.

  • Summary of the Character: Name, Who it belongs to, which fanfictions he/she is in, etc.
  • Appearance

E.G blue hair, black eyes, etc.

  • Story (optional)
  • Personality
  • Abilities: The abilities of the character, weapon, etc.
  • Quotes (optional)

If possible, you should try and provide a picture of the character.

For FanfictionEdit

  • Title/Author: The title of the fanfiction and the author.
  • Characters
  • Plot/Summary: The plot of the story
  • Link: We generally do not allow copy/pasting of fanfiction, because it gets to be this huge text-wall. If you wish to submit your fanfiction if it is on another site, link it to an external site and give the link. If it has multiple chapters, give the link to each chapter.

You may add or remove sections if you feel it is necessary.

For WeaponsEdit

  • Summary:Who the weapon belongs to, etc.
  • Appearance

If possible, a picture of the weapon should be provided.

For Worlds/AreasEdit

  • Description(Appearance, ETC.)
  • Characters (limit to a list)
  • Enemies(if any, limit to a list)
  • Story(what happened in the world)

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