This is the place where you can vote and nominate for the Featured Author, Fanfiction, and Character. Well, got any ideas?

Voting ProcessEdit

Each month, the slate will be wiped clean of the last Featured Author, Fanfiction, and Character (Let's just call them Featured Things). You will be able to nominate an Featured Thing by posting a link to it at the beginning of the month along with your signature (~~~~). Only one nomination per user per month, though!

If you want to vote instead, you can place your vote and signature under the nomination of your choice. Only one vote per user though, so choose wisely!

At the end of the month, the nominated thing with the most votes will become the next Featured Thing.

Featured AuthorEdit

September 2011Edit

Nominate, nominate, nominate! Anybody?

Featured FanfictionEdit

September 2011Edit

Featured CharacterEdit

September 2011Edit

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